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Small Business Management Task 1


The Role of Small Business to the Economy
My Three Businesses
Technology & Small Business
Occupational Health & Safety
Human Resource
Other Submission Requirements

A Servicing Business

A service is a business that ‘serves’ its customers. It would purchase its products or service from manufacturers or retailers and then increase the prices to accumulate profit. A good example of a service is a petrol station. A petrol station would have its petrol delivered by its very own petrol company’s e.g. BP or Shell, and would increase the price of its petrol per litre. Petrol stations also sell other items e.g. newspapers, food, drinks. These products would be purchased by retailers such as shopping centres etc. Unfortunately, these products would not sell as much because they have increased the retail price to gain profit, not the manufacturing price. I.e. people would just go by these products from the retailers.


SBM Task 1 By Luke Cerff