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Small Business Management Task 1

The Businesses I Am Researching

The Role of Small Business to the Economy
My Three Businesses
Technology & Small Business
Occupational Health & Safety
Human Resource
Other Submission Requirements

My Three Businesses

The small businesses that I have been researching, also contribute to the economy, each business contributing in different ways. Squidgeys is a servicing business. It is a fish and chip shop in Mt Pleasant that has been around for many years. A family who bought the shop from the establishers owns it and the fish and chips are made on the campus just like most other fish and chip shops, and then distributed to the customers after being cooked. It is a very good business because many people enjoy having fish and chips on the odd occasion and even some catholic families, following there faiths by not eating meat on Fridays, will have fish and chips once a week.


The Quokka is a company that has also been around for quite some time. It is a newspaper that allows people to sell their unwanted possessions to people all around Western Australia. The company is a private company, because it does not freely distribute its shares amongst people, and the business has around 100 employees. The business was started by a married couple nine years ago, and was recently sold to the West Australian.

SBM Task 1 By Luke Cerff