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Small Business Management Task 1

The Impact Of Technology On Small Business

The Role of Small Business to the Economy
My Three Businesses
Technology & Small Business
Occupational Health & Safety
Human Resource
Other Submission Requirements

Technology & Small Business

Technology is one of the most important features of everything in the world today. Technology has made a huge impact on small business. All business these days will use some form of technology, ranging from cash registers to Internet websites. Even the telephone can be included into the list. Without technology, most business would lose their way of communication with their customers, manufacturers, and employees. In the past, technology would have been less advanced, yet simple things such as the telephone would still have contributing immensely. This device would have allowed businesses to contact their manufacturers and banks and anyone else they needed. It allowed for greater time efficiency because the owners would not have to travel certain distances to make these arrangements or meetings. These days’ businesses have begun using the Internet more often. The Internet has replaced any means of phone calls due to emailing etc. Some businesses may even create a website for their customers to visit. This would make it more efficient for the business because they wouldn’t need to be sitting on the phone answering any customer queries because the customers can instead just visit the website. In the future, I think that most businesses will become even more involved in using technology. Also, the technology will increase even more, i.e. more things will be invented for business to use to their advantage. Environmentally, technology has increased the amount of pollution that escapes into the air.


Squidgeys is a food service business, so the technology will not compare to that of Quokka. They will probably use a few tills, fish/chip fryers, computer screens for orders and maybe a few more basic technological devices.

Quokka on the other hand use quite advanced technology. Each employee sits at a computer with a headset on. When people call in to advertise there possessions, a member of the staff will answer the call and place the ads into the computer. The computers contain a special program designed for this particular business and so the technology level of this business is very high. The technology used includes computers, phone systems, headsets, the internet (Quokka) has their own website, printers, fax machines, copies and scanners.

SBM Task 1 By Luke Cerff