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Small Business Management Task 1

Occupational Health & Safety

The Role of Small Business to the Economy
My Three Businesses
Technology & Small Business
Occupational Health & Safety
Human Resource
Other Submission Requirements

Health & Safety in Small Businesses

As part of running a business, the owner must face certain health and safety laws to ensure the safety of his/her customers. Anything that is positioned on the premises must be safe, this includes things such as machinery to the premises itself. If a business does not comply with the legal requirements then the owner can be prosecuted and fined. Health & Safety Acts are laws made by parliament and enforced by the government. The acts set out legal rules so that people in workplaces have little chance of suffering injury or illness. All businesses, even ones not located within a building complex are required to have a Health & Safety Act to prevent the chances of workplace accidents. Occupational Health & Safety is enforced to prevent hazards. There are three main categories that a hazard can effect, they are; People (through injury, illness, death or psychological trauma), property (through damage, contamination, theft or wastage) and finally, processes (through work disruption and interruption to production).


Because Squidgeys is a food service, the health and safety of the business is crucial to the running of the business. Each product sold by the company must be perfect. Because they are dealing with food, termites and any other insects that are common to destroy food kitchens must be inspected regularly. Also, their employees must receive good training so that they understand and can comply with the running of any technological appliances. If something was to go wrong, the stuff must know what to do in the particular situation, this is what will prevent any hazards from happening and will make the business a safer environment.


Quokka on the other hand, will not have to comply with food laws and so to keep the business a safe environment. Employees just have to do their job, that is, answer phone calls. Of course, the Quokka will still have to abide by the Health & Safety Acts, but will only have to deal with the basics. Employees are informed about the work safety procedures during their induction program. The include: hazards in the workplace, correct lifting procedures, correct posture at the computers. Once a week, employees are invited to recieve a neck and sholder massage on long shifts.

SBM Task 1 By Luke Cerff