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Small Business Management Task 1

Human Resource

The Role of Small Business to the Economy
My Three Businesses
Technology & Small Business
Occupational Health & Safety
Human Resource
Other Submission Requirements

Human Resource

A valuable resource within a small business is human resource. That is, the businesses staff or employees. Businesses need to employ people to contribute to the running of the business (not the management) and they need to have valuable and beneficial skills that will contribute to the business. When employing staff, a business should conduct interviews to find out information about the applicant and see if they have the correct qualities and skills needed to do the job that they are applying for. By conducting these interviews the business manager will be able to select the correct applicant to work in their business, and in the long run, this will improve business running and efficiency. Also, a business’s employees must have performance standards and goals, in other words, a business should keep track of its employees and set out goals for them to help them improve and make sure they maintain the jobs performance standards. In the long run, this will greater improve the business income and efficiency. When firing employees, the business must also abide by specific laws, set out by the federal law. It is illegal to fire an employee because of race, gender, nationality, disability, religion or age. It is also illegal for a business to fire an employee because of complaints or even because they refuse to undergo a lie detector test.


Within Quokka, human resource is also dealt with in the induction program. These include security, general housekeeping, workers compensation, time sheets (start/finish times, meal breaks), expected behaviours, rate & pay method and absenteeism/sick pay/holiday pay.

SBM Task 1 By Luke Cerff